daphni's charities

Our ESG approach is embedded at all levels of the Daphni ecosystem to ensure consistency between our commitments and our achievements. With this in mind, Daphni committed itself to numerous initiatives, both human and financial.

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Social engagement for former prisoners

A tailored program for ex-offenders
Various activities: job search, training…

A coding school in refugees camps

Supported by 3 entrepreneurs
Promotions from 30 to 300 talents
Goal by 2025: 10,000 refugees graduated

Increasing diversity in VC

A 9-month training program
Cohorts of 50+ students
30+ workshops and 2 annual events

Female/male rebalancing

Project carried by 30+ women
Supported by 50+ funds
Objective by 2030: 30% of investments
in startups co-founded by a woman

Inclusion in tech

Project launched by Mozaik Foundation and Diversidays association
Transforming the tech startup ecosystem to become more diverse

Fight against multiple sclerosis

Support for ARSEP which helps research against multiple sclerosis
Commitment to the skipper Thibaut Vauchel Camus

and others…