Bring back da events! 🎫

Bring back da events! 🎫

Bring back da events! 🎫

daphni events

Bring back da events!

Hi folks!

These last weeks have been full of events at daphni, which we have missed a lot!!

With the comeback of sunny days, we took the opportunity to gather our community around dedicated events, which were fortunately very successful. 🙏 A warm thanks to all the participants, suppliers, and partners for their contribution.

Let’s have a quick rewind of what was up lately!

⛵ SAILING — Mid-may, we have invited some members of our community to join us in Saint-Briac to let them discover Thibaut Vauchel-Camus’ trimaran ‘Ocean Fifty’ The skipper has created Solidaires en Peloton, a project to raise awareness on multiple sclerosis with ARSEP. This disease affects around 100,000 people in France and unfortunately there is a lack of investments for research, that is why Solidaires en Peloton is also helping in raising funds. This event was another opportunity for our members to meet each other and get acquainted with daphni’s engagements.

🕺 CELEBRATING — We have gathered almost all our portfolio companies’ employees for Da Family, one of the biggest daphni event of the year!! What a joy to be able to bring back those moments of conviviality! In the heart of Jardin d’Acclimatation, we celebrated this year of great achievements and chit chat with talented people from all backgrounds!

🎾 PLAYING — Roland Garros is over, Wimbledon is underway, so we’ve created our own tournament: the daphni Davis Cup, with brilliant tennis players! We held the 2nd edition with a bunch of daphnipolitans, and what a level!! Epic aces all over the courts! A great time spent at the Lagardère Paris Racing to create network opportunities around the amazing values of sport.

In short, those last weeks were all about great energy shared together! Count on us to always make this vibe alive! So be ready for another ride starting from September and stay tuned for the post-holidays events, we’re cooking new crazy things 💥

Take care,

The daphni team

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