Insurtech State of the art: 4 years later

Insurtech State of the art: 4 years later

Insurtech State of the art: 4 years later

Insurtech State of the art: 4 years later

Hi folks,

What happened in the last 4 years in the world of insurtech? Even if the insurtech hype train has slowed down a bit, the ride is far from over! Home and Car insurance represent roughly €40Bn premium in France only, which is quite a lot ! Let’s see how things have evolved.

The insurtech market was on fire in 2020 and 2021, but the disappointing performances of some B2C insurtechs post-IPO scared some investors. In this context, we can notice that French players like LeocareAlan, or Descartes are notoriously doing super well

Stanislas Lot, partner at daphni has deepdived the next wave of this market which will address emerging markets, such as voluntary carbon credit insurance, cyber insurance for SMEs, and Web3 insurances. 
🗞 What are their challenges and the potentials? Discover an investor’s point of view on these subjects here.

In a context where climate changes will persist and will probably only get worse, underwriting will also evolve and insurtech will have to adapt.  Let’s read this first and see you in a few years for a new update.

Da yours,
The daphni team

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