Putting second-hand on the first row!

Putting second-hand on the first row!

Putting second-hand on the first row!

Putting second-hand on the first row!

Winter is just around the corner, and with it the need to wear soft, warm jumpers and cozy scarves! And the change of season means a new wardrobe for some of you. Chop chop, we see you running to the shops! Stop the fast fashion, we have a much more eco-friendly solution that you’re sure to love. Because at daphni, we are second-hand lovers and strong advocates for circular economy benefits: Back Market, Geev, Hubcycle, Save Market, and now… Faume! ♻️

Faume was launched in 2020 by 4 co-founders (Aymeric Déchin, Nicolas Viant, Jocelyn Kerbourc’h and Lucas Patricot), and enables brands to seize the second-hand market while offering a customer experience that meets the requirements of the new. Faume provides a white-label technological and logistical solution to brands so that they can offer their clients second-hand items. Each product is checked, cleaned, ironed, repaired, photographed and then stored in a warehouse awaiting resale.

This service offers a dual benefit: it facilitates the resale experience for the customer, while providing total confidence in the transaction to future customers who purchase the products. And we’re glad to see that many brands including Isabel Marant, Aigle, Sandro, Balzac Paris, Hugo Boss, AMI Paris and now ba&sh, have committed themselves to this approach alongside Faume. 🤩

This week, Faume is raising €7m with our fund Yellow, alongside its historic investor Bpifrance Digital Ventures, as well as some of the greatest Business Angels (Thibaud Hug de Larauze, Stanislas de Quercize, Michael Benabou, etc.). And once again, we’re backing an amazing team on a mission to build the e-commerce of tomorrow: more circular, less polluting, and cherry on the cake, no compromise on your sense of fashion! Here we go folks, it only depends on us to stop producing and start re-using!

🎙🎥 Let’s leave the floor to Aymeric, who we thank for playing the podcast game! Listen to him or watch him, or do both!

Da yours,

The daphni team

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