What time is it? Summer time!

What time is it? Summer time!

What time is it? Summer time!

daphni summer time

(Yes folks, we’re nostalgic people of Disney’s “High School Musical” saga so it was the perfect moment to bring back old memories. Enjoy the song!)

Let’s go back to more serious stuff… or not! It’s beginning to look a lot like vacation! 💛💜

First semester of daphni season is over but what an intense one it was, you know like us that the startup ecosystem is somehow like a roller-coaster! 🎢 Months of hard work and joyful moments during which we managed to bring back daphni events at their highest!

Now we’re leaving the stage to… summer break!! It was high time for the daphni team to enjoy a deserved holiday time. By the way, you know that we love sharing our findings with our community, so here are some recommendations from da team:

Let’s start with food, as always! 😋

  • If you’re planning to make a stop in Marseille, don’t miss the Tuba club, a hidden gem on the rock to enjoy a view, a lunch, a swim… or all of the 3!
  • Can’t go on vacation?, enjoy a green stay next to Paris at the Thé des Brillants, which is located next to Chateaubriand castel. Don’t miss it!
  • When in Le Touquet, visit Les Deux Moineaux to escape from crowded streets!
  • Or simply try at home the delicious recipe of pasta salad by Pierre Sang, perfect for these (way too) hot days!


But summer is also the time when we finally take the time for some cultural breaks so take your diaries out for some inspiration!

🎨 Exhibition: Have a stop at Le Théâtre des Émotions exhibition, which depicts the evolution of the artists’ representation of emotions, with more than 70 pieces from Picasso, Courbet, Fragonard, Dali, Rodin…

📖 Book: Though the title doesn’t seem appealing, we recommend you to read On va droit dans le mur? from Luc Julia, which is more about a general call to focus our use of technology and AI to save our planet.

🎥 Movie: Tom Cruise is back with Top Gun: Maverick and it seems like the audience is still excited to see him back on the big screens, 30 years after the classical Top Gun of 1986!

Let us know if you enjoyed these recommendations and do not hesitate to share yours with us!

Take care and enjoy your summer!

The daphni team

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