Why we invested in Pazzi

Why we invested in Pazzi

Why we invested in Pazzi

Why we invested in Pazzi

Pazzi offers fully-automated robots cooking tasty pizzas in less than four minutes.

There is no doubt that pizza is popular. In fact, the pizza market is not only huge, but also very global. However, this market is plagued by many inefficiencies. As a consequence of shortage of labour across many countries, leading to costs increases, companies are forced to deliver poor service and quality to maintain their margins. Especially in the fast food market, the quality of the served food is questionable.

On a positive note, the food industry is being increasingly influenced by robotization, which is predicted to grow massively over the upcoming years. This is where Pazzi comes into play. Pazzi has developed a solution, enabling robots to cook high quality and personalized pizza, with over five million unique combinations, without any human interaction. By leveraging on the size of the market, and the team’s strong expertise in robotics, the company aims at becoming a leading player in the market. This not only by delivering tasty pizza, but also by disrupting the restaurant experience as we know it today.

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