Geev offers a marketplace for people to give away and find goods for free, based on geolocalisation




Circular Economy

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What is GEEV?

Launched in March 17, GEEV is the best app to give and get free stuff. With GEEV you can easily give a second life to your objects, by giving them away to people around you, instead of storing or throwing them away. It also allows you to find plenty of free stuff you would have bought new or second hand. In less than 6 months, we have reached 300K subscribed users ('Geevers') and 100K ads posted on the service, and we have successfully launched the service abroad (Montreal and Moscow).

Business and value proposition

Geev is making easier the capability of people who want to give what they do not need anymore instead of putting these items in the bin. This behavior relies on common sense to avoid the destruction of items in a market where recycling is far from covering 100% of what is put in bins. By doing that, Geev accelerates the matching between offer and demand in an environment where it is accepted by all the stakeholders that the value of the item itself is zero, which is not clearly proposed in other mainstream existing C2C platforms.

Why we invested ?

There is no doubt about the fact that we need to change our way of consuming and using products. Geev aims at creating a new norm around giving instead of throwing away. The company offers a new way of consuming sustainably, by offering an organised and geolocated marketplace for geevers to give away things which are not being used anymore, and for people to give a second life to items that would have ended in a trash otherwise. And this now also covers food! The team has built a large and strongly engaged community and continues to scale based on its free model. The company has started to monetize as a media and with a freemium model.

The story behind GEEV

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Pierre-Yves Meerschman

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Florian Blanc

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Hakim Baka

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Nicolas Pollet

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