Enables businesses to leverage AI by turning the latest academic machine learning research into scalable products





Stage at investment

Seed & Pre-Series A



What is Nabla?

Founded by former researchers at the FAIR (Facebook AI Research), Nabla wants to help businesses to leverage the AI revolution, with a combination of software and services. The goal is to operate a complete Enterprise AI platform, analog to what Salesforce started to do for cloud computing in the 2000’s. Nabla focuses today on 3 areas : (i) Augmented Customer Experience, (ii) Generative Design, (iii) Adaptive Decision Making.

Business and value proposition

Nabla wants to offer preventive and holistic care to women through machine learning. Nabla's super app allows you to chat with practitioners, offers community content, helps centralize all your medical data and offers telemedicine appointments.

Why we invested ?

Alexandre Lebrun, Delphine Groll and Martin Raison concentrate the skills needed to launch a platform like Nabla. Alexandre is a serial entrepreneur who sold his last company to Facebook (where he worked for FAIR, Facebook's artificial intelligence research team - with Martin) and Delphine has led business development and communications for two major media groups, Aufeminin and My Little Paris.

Team of Nabla

Team in charge Nabla

Marc Simoncini

daphni team in charge

Alexandre Lebrun

Alexandre Lebrun

Cofounder & CEO