arthur genet

Arthur Genet

Investor at daphni

Arthur is an investor at daphni. He is currently a student at Dauphine University.

"The essential thing in life is to reinvent yourself" - Karl Lagerfeld

Arthur's fun facts

Super power

Calculating very fast

Smile when

he watches The Office

He can teach

How getting lost on the internet may be very productive

Why did he join the VC world ?​

To have a front seat on the innovation bus and show up for founders who are driving the bus

Soft skills

Never-ending curiosity


Let’s talk about french rap or sneakers


Emerging startup ecosystems, Web3.0 

How he acts for good

Always trying to spend my time on projects empowering #TechForGood.

Mission at daphni

Support investment team from due diligence to closing and follow-up to build da city for Good

financing, refinancing
and exist in 2021
meeting in 2021
daphni poker nights organized
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km of bike