Paul Llagonne

Investor at daphni

Paul is an investor at daphni. He’s a 22-year old student at HEC Paris, passionate about surfing & soccer, driven by innovation & tech disruption.

"When the Naysayers are loud, turn up the music" - Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn

Paul's fun facts

Super power

Can sell anything

Smile when

He’s on his surfboard

He can teach

How to use chat gpt daily

Why did he join the VC world?​

Passionate about innovation & disruption

Soft skills

Outgoing & storytelling


Ask me about web3


Soccer, surf, entrepreneurship

How he acts for good

Picking up rubbish on beaches

Mission at daphni

Supporting the investment team, sourcing startups to invest

number of surfboards he has
number of startup he tried to build
maximum time it can spend without checking Linkedin
number of pompotes he eats everyday