Weïndé Dieng

CFO at daphni

Weindé is currently the CFO at daphni. Prior to joining daphni in 2018, he worked as an analyst for a brokerage firm, then as an assistant accountant in a financial leasing institution and as an assistant project manager on structured finance assignments in an engineering and infrastructure design firm operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He studied Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions at Financia Business School.

To infinity and beyond!

Weïndé's fun facts

Super power


Smile when

He sees the sun

He can teach

How to handle unicorns

Why did he join the VC world ?​

To be closer to the tech ecosystem

Soft skills

Adaptility, polyvalence


Find the best sneakers in town

How he acts for good

Donates for the pandas

Mission at daphni

Take care of the money


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