Hubcycle raises €3,5M to turn today’s waste into tomorrow’s ingredients!


One year after raising €1.5M in 2021, Hubcycle has just completed a second round of €3.5M, bringing the total raised to €5M! 

As we are celebrating Earth Day tomorrow, this news just comes on point and we’re very excited about Hubcycle’s core mission. 

Did you know that production lines only use half of the raw materials? What happens to the other half then? Well, you’ll be surprised…. but it’s discarded. Peels, pulp extracts, cooking water, and other ingredients which could be valuable for another industrial use! ♻️

And one day, Hubcycle came to life! The whole team works to give a second life to tons of competitive ingredients, by upcycling them and making them profitable again. That’s what we call impact and sustainability! And that’s just the beginning.

Our Yellow portfolio startup has already managed to become a French leader and to confirm its relevant vision. Next steps are expanding abroad, hiring new talents, and enhancing their offer with new ingredients 🚀

Congrats to Julien LesageDominique SylvainLaure Cucuron and the amazing Hubcycle team 👏

Discover more about Hubcycle in daphni’s podcast episode with its founder Julien Lesage. 🎙️

PS: Speaking of building da city for good, recycling, and sustainability, did you know that reducing food waste is the number 1 solution against the climate crisis, coming just above electric cars, solar power, or recycling (according to Project Drawdown). Knowing that, Hubcycle is a pretty good solution that we’re very proud to be backing! Head to www.tfca.earth to learn more about how small actions could lead to giant leaps to protect the environment! 

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