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What is AnotherBrain?

Created by Bruno Maisonnier in 2017, AnotherBrain is a French company which brings new artificial intelligence using a singular approach. AnotherBrain develops a new generation of artificial intelligence: Organic AITM. Bio-inspired and close to how cortex works, our technology learns autonomously, can explain its decisions, work without big data, without cloud and in real time. Embedded on a chip, this technology is human-friendly and offers new possibilities for such markets as Industry, Automotive, Defense or IoT.

Business and value proposition

AnotherBrain's mission is to sell electronic chips powered by AI to any other companies that need to process locally & quickly any type of incoming signal (autonomous car, security camera, construction site, music…). As a consequence of being bio-inspired, its AI algorithm is unsupervised, frugal, quicker & more flexible than traditional machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Why we invested ?

AI is on everyone’s lips, but how many can truly master it? We found the serial entrepreneur and expert Bruno Maisonnier, founder of AntoherBrain, who definitely knows how to. Anotherbrain wants to lead the third generation of AI, meaning that it acts on experience and thus drives self learning. The third generation is different from the second generation in 2010 being based on deep learning categorizing large data samples and the first generation in the 1980s, being based on expert systems, following fixed rules. Sounds easy? Not really. On top of driving a new generation of AI, AnotherBrain’s solution opened the black box of AI as we know it today, as it is bio-inspired, frugal in energy and data as well as human friendly.

The story behind AnotherBrain

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Paul Bazin

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Bruno Maisonnier

Bruno Maisonnier

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We managed to recruit the majority of our talented team very quickly as daphni was really good at matchmaking us with a headhunting firm suiting our culture and needs.

Bruno Maisonnier - CEO@Anotherbrain