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daphni Yellow is investing in innovative European companies in Pre-Series A and Series A with a strong Tech for Good footprint.

Yellow plans to back twenty to thirty projects Today, Yellow has already announced investments in Leocare, Hubcycle, Stockly, Pasqal, Modjo, Witco and many other promising companies

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Yellow in details

European DNA

We capitalise on the specificities of the European DNA to create barriers against American and Asian players who often benefit from more significant financial resources.

Innovative projects

We only invest in innovative projects where breakthroughs in usage are part of a broad and rapid adoption method in the targeted markets. We consider that technologies are tools serving the development of new uses and ESG / Tech for Good issues.

Sector agnostic

With that in mind, and to avoid locking ourselves into limited areas, we invest at an early stage in all technological sectors (except biotech) in order to support tomorrow’s disruptive projects of all kinds and thus maximize value creation for our investors.

daphni Yellow portfolio

daphni Yellow investments are  managed by the Daphni team.


Witco is a B2B2C SaaS platform centralizing dozens of internal & external building services in a single app.

Unoccupied offices renting

Sora is a platform that aims to optimize office space occupancy through flexible and affordable offerings.

Carbon Accounting

Carbon Maps is a comprehensive, science-based, data-driven climate management platform for the food industry.


circular economy

Save market provides a Platform for buying back computer equipment from companies, gives electronic products a second life and fights against waste.

Carbon-free industrial heat

Airthium is a deeptech company that develops industrial heat pumps capable of breaking the limits of existing models to decarbonize the industry.


Flow48 is a fintech providing upfront financing to companies with predictable revenues.

personal care/home care

Agua Blanca is a marketplace for clean HomeCare and PersonalCare products


Leocare is the first multi-service, fully-mobile and fully flexible neoinsurance for housing, car, motorbike and smartphone.

Circular fashion

Faume is the one-stop-shop solution for brands to launch a second-hand offer and free themselves from all the technological and logistical constraints linked to the implementation of a second-hand infrastructure.

Travelers data-provider

Kolet is a flexible data provider for international travelers through e-SIMS with a fully online distribution

AI / blockchain

Starton is building the tools to enable any developer, individual and company to build blockchain applications at scale, simply and fast, without any expertise of blockchain technologies.


Pasqal develops Quantum Computer based out of Neutral atoms. Quantum Computers are one of the cornerstone in the transition towards a carbon neutral economy.


Stockly connects e-commerce websites with a global inventory so that they never run out-of-stock


Modjo increases sales teams performance with its conversational analysis platform


Hubcycle avoids huge wastage by converting plant-based industrial side-streams into competitive, innovative & strategic raw materials for personal care and food.


Animaj’s mission is to empower the young generation to make their world more colorful by delivering exciting and engaging stories that inspire them to dream, explore, and create.


Welfaire is an insurance wholesaler providing brokers with digital products to target self-employed workers.


H is working on frontier action models, to boost the productivity of workers.


Masteos is a full-stack real estate agency that focuses on all the steps of rental investment for investors, from finding the housing to managing the rental process.

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