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daphni Yellow is investing in innovative European companies in Pre-Series A and Series A with a strong Tech for Good footprint.

Yellow plans to back twenty to thirty projects Today, Yellow has already announced its first investments in Leocare, Hubcycle, Stockly, Pasqal, Agua Blanca, Save Market, Modjo, Masteos and Witco.

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Yellow in details

European DNA

We capitalise on the specificities of the European DNA to create barriers against American and Asian players who often benefit from more significant financial resources.

Innovative projects

We only invest in innovative projects where breakthroughs in usage are part of a broad and rapid adoption method in the targeted markets. We consider that technologies are tools serving the development of new uses and ESG / Tech for Good issues.

Sector agnostic

With that in mind, and to avoid locking ourselves into limited areas, we invest at an early stage in all technological sectors (except biotech) in order to support tomorrow’s disruptive projects of all kinds and thus maximize value creation for our investors.

daphni Yellow portfolio

daphni Yellow investments are  managed by the Daphni team.

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