Rainbow, daphni’s endowment fund, launched in 2024, has a mission to support organizations working for a more sustainable world, particularly in the field of social inclusion, in order to give the younger generation the means to build a more sustainable future. Why rainbow? Because, like the vibrant spectrum of colors in a rainbow, our endowment fund symbolizes the diversity, unity and beauty that is born when we all come together for a common cause.

Wanna take part? Any questions? contact us at [email protected].

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Social engagement for former prisoners

A tailored program for ex-offenders
Various activities: job search, training…

A coding school in refugees camps

Supported by 3 entrepreneurs
Promotions from 30 to 300 talents
Goal by 2025: 10,000 refugees graduated

Increasing diversity in VC

A 9-month training program
Cohorts of 50+ students
30+ workshops and 2 annual events

Arts for kids

stablishing the first learning and play spaces tailored to the specific needs of children and adolescents with disabilities, especially cognitive and/or behavioral disorders.

Inclusion of people with disabilities

Develop a family of quality cafés-restaurants to recruit and train people with mental and cognitive disabilities. Commitment to the skipper Nicolas d’Estais.

Inclusion in tech

Project launched by Mozaik Foundation and Diversidays association
Transforming the tech startup ecosystem to become more diverse.

Insertion through sport

Mountain activities to help refugees overcome the ordeal of asylum. Finance driving licenses, provide French lessons and computer courses.

Fight against multiple sclerosis

Support for ARSEP which helps research against multiple sclerosis
Commitment to the skipper Thibaut Vauchel Camus.

Support illness people

Organizing and promoting the sharing of concrete information, raising awareness about the spondyloarthritis disease and its challenges. 

Inclusion through theater

Put together a play to be performed in EPHADs, and thus put isolated people back in touch with youth and art.

Inclusion through theater

Create a successful artistic model. Establish paradox palace in a pilot location Create an active and functional network of institutions and partners.

Support high impact innovations

Raises money to detect and deploy 100 global innovations against greenhouse gases. 

Inclusion of refugees through sport

A “Tour de France” dedicated to refugees and asylum seekers, led by volunteers, as well as annual cultural events.

Helping young people become self-sufficient

Programs and schemes for vulnerable young people aged 14 to 25 to meet unmet needs.

Call for projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Our very first fundraising campaign has been closed on April 30, 2024. This call for projects was open to all not-for-profit organizations eligible for sponsorship (as defined in articles 200 and 238bis of the French General Tax Code) and operating in France.

First of all, your project must fall within the scope of Rainbow’s mission: to support organizations working for a more sustainable world, particularly in the field of social inclusion, in order to give the younger generation the means to build a more sustainable future. We draw your attention to the fact that Rainbow cannot support organizations with a political or religious purpose. Secondly, we ask that your project meets the following conditions:

– It must be a project of general interest, implemented in France and of a social nature.

– The project must meet a need, with beneficiaries identified and involved in its realization.

– The project must be capable of being implemented within one year.

– The project must be based on a realistic, precise and detailed budget, which will be forwarded to Rainbow. Rainbow’s grant may not finance more than 20% of the organization’s operating costs.

– The project must contain concrete objectives and measurable results. – The same organization may, of course, submit several projects!

If your project is selected and receives financial support from Rainbow, we will ask you to commit to a number of (limited, I promise!) counterparties:

– Carry out the project as presented

– Include the Rainbow logo on your blogs, social networks and websites presenting your project.

– Provide us with a few photos or videos of your project that we can use freely on our social networks, communication tools and websites.

There is no campaign open at the moment, but you can still contact us at [email protected]