Dastore has invested in companies such as Underdog, Captain Cause, Ida

Dastore portfolio

Dastore investments are managed by daphni (Olivia Mark, Alexandra Dubar, Pierre-Yves Meerschman, Pierre-Eric Leibovici, Marc Simoncini) and supported by Carrefour (Nicolas Safis, Selma Bekhchi, Maher Chaoui)

AI powered profit platform for e-commerce

Dema is an AI-powered profit management layer for e-commerce, delivering real-time actionable insights to help teams manage profitable growth.


H is working on frontier action models, to boost the productivity of workers.

Food / Impact

Fresh supply chain management SaaS platform for retailers.

Carbon Accounting

Carbon Maps is a comprehensive, science-based, data-driven climate management platform for the food industry.

Retail / e-commerce

Prediko is the solution that helps brands plan, order, and finance their inventory.

Circular economy

Underdog allows people to purchase pre-owned home appliances, checked by professionals with a warranty

Digital Wallet

NG Cash is revolutionizing the financial market and showing that the New Generation is already here and wants a bank made for them.

Wallet marketing & engagment

Badge is an AI-powered membership platform for brands, groups, and communities built on Google and Apple wallet.


Stockly connects e-commerce websites with a global inventory so that they never run out-of-stock

Impact Marketing

Captain Cause is a marketing tool for companies that wish to build loyalty or reward their customers, employees or partners, through the support of positive impact projects.

Subscription SaaS

Subscribfy allows e-commerce retailers to offer credit-based subscriptions to their devoted consumers.


Poolday.ai is the UGC platform that puts you in control of your online content.

Battery storage

Voltfang requalifies electrical vehicle batteries after their first life in the EV into storage systems, which can store renewable energies in a sustainable way.


Making shopping easy, fun and accessible.

Retail | Metaverse

Immersive virtual stores for the fashion and retail sectors.

Ethnic Food

Waysia (ex-Alorsfaim) is a food delivery platform founded in France. It‘s a platform created in order to make asian food and consumers life easier and more convenient.


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