Antescofo enables you to play any instrument as if were in a concert hall, with an orchestra accompanying you and following your rhythm




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What is Antescofo?

Antescofo has created Metronaut, an app which allows you to play any instrument as if you had a real orchestra at your own rhythm to accompany you. The service relies on an Ircam technology

Business and value proposition

The company develops Metronaut, a mobile application that plays classical music alongside the user with an orchestra or a solo piano. Their killer feature is that the orchestra adapts the tempo to the musician. The application aims to be the practice companion for all classical players. The technology is the accomplishment of 10 years R&D from IRCAM. It is flexible and can be easily integrated into different formats for different applications.

Why we invested ?

Are you also dreaming about excelling in music? Many of us are, but developing the right skills requires frequent practise. Playing an instrument by yourself at home is not just uninspiring, but also detaches you from the experience of having an orchestra supporting you. Even though the music education industry is massive and global, digitalisation in the field is surprisingly low. One of the industry pioneers, IRCAM (the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics & Music), being one of the world’s largest public research centers dedicated to both musical expression and scientific research, develops innovative and future driven technology. Antescofo leverages one of these technologies to deliver a value proposition offering a new kind of usage within music education, by challenging learning and making it inspiring. We were amazed by the complementary and outstanding backgrounds of the founders. Arshia Cont was a lab director at IRCAM, making him an expert in the music field, and Laurent Tran Van Lieu is a very successful entrepreneur in EdTech. The growth opportunities are endless, including an expansion to Asia as well as product diversification based on other IRCAM technologies, such as karaoke.

The story behind Antescofo

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