A stunning summer comeback 

A stunning summer comeback 

A stunning summer comeback 

A stunning summer comeback

Hi folks,

We hope that our summer reading recommendations helped you relax by the poolside or with the sound of the sea. We trust you’ve enjoyed a well-deserved summer break, but rest assured, the wheels of progress never stopped turning. We are ready to kick-start this season with determination, and so we have some news.

As part of our commitment to supporting startups that contribute to a better tomorrow, Voltfang is now among da family! 🎉

The German startup announced early August the closing of €500k in addition to the €4.7 million seed round. These funds will enable the team to build and network sustainable electricity storage systems to protect businesses from rising electricity prices.⚡️️But how?

If you already made the step of investing in an electric car (kudos to you!), you know the thrill. But Voltfang is taking it a step further. Founded in 2021, this startup is finally making the recycling of EV-batteries possible with its proprietary AI-based software that can evaluate batteries for their longevity. It’s an effective solution for the energy transition, and we’re thrilled to support them in this challenge to turn discarded batteries into green gold.

Until next time, keep riding the wave of eco-friendly excitement!

Da yours,

The daphni Team​​​​​​

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