Dastore, almost 2 years!

Dastore, almost 2 years!

In 2022, daphni & Carrefour joined forces to support the next generation of impact driven entrepreneurs to build the Future of Commerce.

After 2 exciting years, we are super proud to back 13 companies across the world (USA, Sweden, UK, Germany & France) in various verticals: Supply Chain Optimization, Energy Storage, Carbon Accounting, Circular Economy, Customer Relationship Management, New Consumer Habits and Content Marketing.

By combining daphni’s VC track record with Carrefour’s assets and retail experience, we bring unrivaled expertise, operational support, and business acceleration to give our startups superpowers and shape commerce of tomorrow.

So KUDOS to all: the Carrefour team & experts that bring strong value to the companies we invest in! And this is NOT it.

We are still looking for entrepreneurs that are launching scalable and sustainable projects in the Future of Commerce! if you are one of them, just apply here.

Da yours,

The daphni team 👾

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