Generative AI

Generative AI

Hey folks!

Generative AI is on everyone’s lips. And it is not just hype: a lot of industries are bracing for the impact of generative AIs.

Generative AI is an incredibly powerful form of artificial intelligence that can learn quickly and generate data or information from scratch.

The potential of this technology is immense, as it can revolutionize marketing, education, gaming, image and video editing and much more. To give a few examples, generative AIs can be used to create detailed customer profiles and tailor the experience accordingly. They can also be used to generate new product content from pre-existing databases of digital assets for use in marketing or consumer apps.

Similarly, they have the power to disrupt many industries including healthcare, education and gaming by providing personalized learning experiences based on individual user data.

Generative AIs are here to stay. As venture capital investors, startup creators or members of the tech community, it’s important for us all to recognize the incredible potential these systems offer – if possible without creating a new bubble (looking at you Web 3).


PS: Didn’t you notice some changes in the writing of this edito? For this week we’ve innovated a bit. If this time there is a little less daphni’s touch, it’s normal! This editorial was written by an AI: regie.ai. Impressive right? We took the liberty of adding the 4 words at the end.

AIs are going to become more and more present in our daily and professional lives, so you probably should start using them… You wouldn’t be the old-fashion one? And you will see, it is revolutionary! 🤩

This study about Generative AI was carried out by Olivier Philipp and our invest team.

Wait! Do you have a minute? In the insight space of our website, you can find other studies conducted by the daphni team. Come have a look! 👀

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The daphni team

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