Give the green-light to second-hand furniture

Give the green-light to second-hand furniture

Hi folks,

According to the ADEME, each year in France, 2.7 million tons of furniture products arrive on the market. We often think about giving our clothes a second life, but why not doing the same for our old furniture product? Maybe because they are too big and bulky? But that’s precisely why we can’t throw them away. 🛋 Your neighbor may be about to get rid of the sofa of your dream. So keep reading to learn how to change your interior in an eco-responsible way. ♻️

Changing consumption habits is a necessity, and that’s in our DNA since the beginning! That’s also why more and more companies keep raising awareness about recycling. The circular economy market has joined for a few years the furniture brands such as the “Second life space” by Ikea, or “La Reboucle” by La Redoute

Today, another good news arrived for decoration lovers. Since November 15 and for the rest of the month, Conforama partnered with Geev to allow its clients to give a second life to their furniture product. For each product bought in a Conforama store, the brand offers you a €10 voucher for each completed donation of the replaced product on the Geev app. 🤩

Thanks to its collaboration with the app leader of objects and food donation between individuals in France, Conforama offers a simple, local and responsible solution to its clients.

No more excuses if you wanted to change your good old sofa for many years folks. Go ahead, this collaboration is finally the opportunity to do it in a more eco-responsible way and at a lower price! There are only a few days left, so hurry up.

Da yours,

The daphni team

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