Health is wealth

Health is wealth

Covid-19 literally shook our planet up. After fear, anxiety, uncertainty and panic, comes the time for imagination, creation, project and vision of what will be our world tomorrow. At daphni, we’re convinced that there is no Planet B, and that Tech for Good could be one of the solution to Build Da City. For. Good.
Folks, you already know it, daphni team main focus is to fuel ambitious projects with direct or indirect positive impact — let it be economic, environmental, or social. Now, let’s focus on the Health tech, that refers to the idea that digital technology can be a tool at the service of health, helping to provide answers that preserve the fundamentals of the health system while increasing its added value for patients and professionals alike. Lately, the Covid-19 pandemic has bring new challenges to well-developed healthcare systems.

New technologies would play a crucial role in the future of French healthcare and there is someone that need to be named today: Franck Le Ouay, does the name ring a bell? If not, you MUST read what follows — and even if it does actually.

Franck Le Ouay co-founded Lifen in 2015. This medical communication platform allows institutions, health and private practitioners to exchange medical report on all media. And this is not long after the inception that he convinced us to support him and his team to make positive change and have a positive impact on patient’s life by building the medical infrastructure of the health system. By simplifying and securing medical communication, Lifen allows healthcare professionals to free up medical time.

Since the beginning, the whole team is incredible: from creating Lifen Covid to taking the planet health into account, they are just 100% brilliant! Indeed, they reacted to the Covid-19 situation super quickly by creating the Lifen Covid App that you can discover here. Also, more than Human health, they do care about our Planet health as Lifen reduces the carbon footprint of medical communication by 4x.

And that’s not it! Lifen just announced on LinkedIn their partnership with ELSAN to digitize, simplify and secure the exchange of medical documents. Franck Le Ouay said that “ELSAN attaches great importance to innovation and e-health, and we are very pleased to be able to support them”, according to the team, this partnership will particularly simplify the communication on the medical results and the treatments.

Let keep it short, 3 words… Kudos to Lifen!

The daphni team ❤

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