Let’s talk about health


Let’s talk about health

Hi folks! 

Today, we’re taking you for a deep dive into healthcare, with this new article, in which we share with you some of our major insights. 

As a VC, we’re witnessing an increasing interest in health issues, which was already the case before the pandemic, but things are getting way more serious in the last few years recently.

The pandemic has accelerated one major topic: digitization of the healthcare system, going hand in hand with a growing demand of patients to be able to take over by themselves the way they manage their health, through simple tools. The emergence of AI has also a lot of great applications in the healthcare industry, helping drug discoveries for instance, or enabling caregivers to spend less time on administrative tasks. 

These trends are observed in topics such as nutrition, mental health, female issues and so many more. As investors, it’s our honor to support such positive evolutions, that we would all benefit from. 

If we have a look at daphni’s portfolio, we have invested in 🩺 Lifen, which is a platform for healthcare professionals that enhances digitization in hospitals.
But that’s not over, our friends at 🥗 ZOE analyze your unique gut, blood fat and blood sugar responses, in order to give you personalized recommendations, because personalization is key for better healthcare.
We could also talk about 🧬 Epigene Labs, that uses AI to provide cancer drug hunters with a fully integrated genomics database in the cancer search field. 

Game changers, right?! 

All of these evolutions share one same goal: put back the patient at the heart of the care pathway, personalize treatments as much as possible, and optimize caregivers time and work.

Well folks, there is still a lot to say about this crucial topic so, to learn more about it, read our article and do not hesitate to share with us your personal insights! 

Take care,

The daphni team

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