Portrait of a French genius: Eric Newton

Portrait of a French genius: Eric Newton

Few months ago, we did a very special podcast episode, with a very special man, from a very special place. Stop with the ‘special’, let me introduce you Eric Newton, the founder of we are. Hidden in the heart of the 8th arrondissement, in a green setting, we are is a club that honors the best of French creation, the actors of innovation, digital and creative industries.

Every evening — at least when it was allowed — the club offered a new program: debates, culture, gastronomy, cinema… Halfway between an English club, a Factory and a coworking space, we are provides its members with event and conference spaces, audio and video studios, a space dedicated to virtual reality, a movie theater, a cooking lab and a restaurant.

And while everyone in France is waiting for the cultural sector to get back on track, you can listen to Eric talking with Aurelie and Shabir about various subjects such as French genius, transmission, responsibility… Indeed, for him, responsibility and transmission are inseparable. That’s why, after spending several years bridging the worlds of music creation and business, he created the club. He says:

“When you’re in a country that created cinema, invented photography, you have a responsibility to keep that creativity alive: in particular a certain idea of creation, undoubtedly more humanistic and interactive than elsewhere. And we have the energy to do it.

We invite you to discover this exceptional club as soon as it will be possible! Let’s be optimistic about the next world, which will be, we are sure, made of many events, each one more impressive than the other. Because what drives us is to make sure that people meet each other, get to know each other, and that together they can do much more!

Da yours,

The daphni team

PS: Have a look at our last VC Bridge, that took place at we are!

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