Second-Hand Is The New First Choice

Second-Hand Is The New First Choice

Well folks, it’s time to take a step back and take a good look at the world of second-hand marketplaces. You probably already know the B2C second-hand marketplaces, who have been around for a while now (we see you with Back MarketGeev, Vinted..👀). We believe that the market is now mature to meet huge success in the Second-Hand B2B ecosystem

Hopefully, some of them have already opened the way like HubcycleSave MarketFaume where we are proud investors, but there is still a whole world to build.
While there are important challenges to overcome such as trust, standardization or efficient distribution, the potential for value creation is huge! There is also deep analysis to understand the true motivations of your clients which are diverse from carbon footprint to affordability or availability
daphni is ready to support the next generation who is motivated to break into this new frontier. And for all you daring startup out there, it’s a wild ride, but the reward worth it 🚀

🗞 Stanislas Lot, member of our invest team, put the right words to describe this growing market in an article published here.

Da yours,
The daphni Team

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