The brain behind AnotherBrain

The brain behind AnotherBrain

This week, France is AI. As Julia Fenart (Head of European Public Affairs at FD) said: “French AI startups have many cards to play to rank among the world’s leaders of artificial intelligence”. And today folks, I’d like to talk about the founder of one of those amazing startups that have the ability to become a leader: Bruno Maisonnier, the founder of AnotherBrain.

Bruno is doer. At the age of 13, he built his first robot with wooden gears. He made marquetry, he sewed clothes, he built a telescope… He also made rockets because he wanted to know how it worked. In short, it’s by doing all this that he realized how things work.

We can easily understand that Bruno is a passionate. Today, his passion is AI, but not just any, an organic AI. Indeed, Bruno thinks that the principle of AI and deep learning is super powerful, but does not allow us to answer questions that need real intelligence. That is why, through AnotherBrain, Bruno’s mission is to try to bring the future to the present. What interests him is to do for people, to help humanity: the environment, the conquest of space, genetic engineering… Those are the great subjects!

Bruno’s second ambition is to invent the French company of the 21st century. While recording the podcast, he shared a few of his beliefs: one of them is that French companies should not use American way of managing, because it just does not fit with our culture. At AnotherBrain, there’s no real manager, they think about how to make annual reviews that work, they try to communicate more… Doing it the French way works really well.

There is actually a lot more to say about Bruno Maisonnier. I suggest you go listen to the podcast (FR audio only) so you can discover much more details about this visionary entrepreneur!

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