What Is Regenerative Agriculture and Why Do We Need it?

What Is Regenerative Agriculture and Why Do We Need it?

Hi folks,

Today we’re thrilled to introduce you to a new member of our community with whom we had the chance to record a podcast episode a few weeks ago: Martin d’Archimbaud

What is he doing ? Helping feed 10 billion people by 2050 while reducing carbon emissions to fight climate change! And we all know how HUGE is this challenge! 

And how is he doing? By co-founding GreenPods 2 years ago. His biggest wish is to support the transition of the world’s agriculture, through the implementation of new regenerative practices and the production of more plant proteins on his various farms. Humm! What does it mean in concrete terms ? Planting almond trees in Europe, for example, makes it possible to respond to new ways of consuming food while participating in the sustainable relocation of an European industry. Thanks to photosynthesis and long-term cycles, permanent crops also have very important environmental and social co-benefits. For example, around 200,000 tons of CO2 will be sequestered by 2030.

And guess what? He has already launched his first project: La Granja, located in Occitania on 150 Ha. 17,000 almond trees were planted in February 2022, and 10,000 more will be planted in a few days to become one of the largest organic orchards in France! 

By 2028, La Granja should produce about 100 tons of almonds per year, which is good news when you consider that Europe is the leading consumer of almonds and that 80% of these nuts are produced in the United States (California).
The objective is clear: build a portfolio of regenerative agricultural projects in Europe and initiate other varieties such as pistachios or walnuts!

🎙In this episode, discover Martin’s atypical journey, the beginnings of GreenPods, the short and long term objectives but also the financing of this type of project…

Da yours,
The daphni team 👾

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