What’s next?

What's next?

This is it! The one question in everyone’s mind: What’s next?

Depending if you’re a “glass-half-empty or half-full” person, but the optimist in me see the environment healing. The air quality in China has significantly improved — unbelievable! -, Venice’s canals have never been so blue — never in a million years! -, Himalayas are visible in parts of India — for the first time in thirty years — and amazingly, pandas mating. Yes, your heart skipped a beat… and these folks, are all signs of nature taking back the Earth.

With all that said, sadly reality still bites: why do thousands need to lose their jobs, lives, be subjected to lockdown in isolation, and watch the economies of the world collapse? Well maybe, just maybe Mother Nature had enough and said, “Enough is enough!“. Even Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old activist, said that “There’s a lot of talk about returning to normal after the Covid-19 outbreak, but normal was a crisis.”

One of our partner, Marc Simoncini confided recently during a meeting with our entrepreneurs, a ray of sunshine — unexpected without the crisis — will rise in tomorrow’s world: people will desire to consume locally, to favor the made in France… Is this an approach that can last in a long term if the costs for local production and consumption are much higher? Maybe not, but what is certain is that we will therefore move towards new models, new needs and new behaviors.

How about the new way of life: remote work? Last week Guillaume Montard, creator of Bearer, said that he has been working REMOTELY since its inception with a team composed of 7 nationalities spread over 8 countries and 4 continents. He shared the best practices to run a Remote-First Company! And you know what? It asks a lot of processes, a strong team and written culture, good communication skills, recurrent meetings that rhyme your week, lots of trust and autonomy given by managers, and an amazing sense of responsibilities from employees! Are we ready yet for that after 1 month and half of remote work? Think twice, remote work is not that simple to set up… Happy to share with you what we have learned!

To end on a very positive note, despite all the happenings, some companies are hiring and looking for talents. If you happen to be looking for a job, you can check all daphni’s portfolio opportunities here.


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