Why we invested in CozyCozy

Why we invested in CozyCozy

CozyCozy helps you to find the right accommodation for you at the best price in one search, among millions of online offers.

The online accommodation industry is being heavily disrupted by the change in consumer behaviour, resulting from the emergence of new trends, players, and available offers. Peer-to-peer home rental, home exchange and even newer alternatives such as glamorous camping/glamping, boat renting etc. are emerging and gaining traction.

The professionalization of the non-hotel world is blurring the lines. As a result of such professionalization and convergence between accommodation types, non-hotel, short-term accommodation providers are now increasingly listing their properties on multiple websites, including hotel and rental platforms.

All major hotel players are trying to adapt to the paradigm shift by integrating vacation rental solutions. But so far, they have failed to develop an adequate response, as they try to defend their existing positions. None of these players will be able to provide consumers with a unified and unbiased accommodation search experience. This led the management, the former core team of Liligo, to launch CozyCozy as an independent, unbiased comparison accomodation engine. This is where we believe the future lies.

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