WKF is fighting against a societal problem

Clotilde Gilbert Wake up Café

WKF is fighting against a societal problem

Hi folks,

Are you familiar with the carceral environment? If not, don’t worry we will explain it to you.

Did you know that in France, we count 100,000 people coming out of prison every year? And each incarcerated person costs 50 000€ a year.
However, the biggest problem is recidivism: 31% are re-incarcerated within a year of release and 59% within 5 years. More than you expected, right? 💥

One thing you know for sure: all the people we support are changing the world in their own way. And that’s why, 3 years ago, we met with Clotilde Gibert, who was a prison chaplain for 8 years, and who founded Wake Up Café in 2014.

This association supports motivated inmates with the goal of sustainable reintegration without recidivism. The objective is to teach them to regain their self-confidence and create links with society through workshops and training.

Because all of them have a hidden talent ! Whether it be for service, security or entrepreneurship, ex-inmates’ qualifications are always welcome to help society.

If you want to learn more about WKF, we invite you to watch Clotilde’s Tedx conference 🎥🇫🇷

Da yours,
The daphni team

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