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Context is able to decrypt any video media and turn it into homogeneous, granular and verified data at scale




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Seed & Pre-Series A



What is Context?

Reminiz face recognition identifies any public figure on TV to push related content & products to users, indexing behaviors in the meantime

Business and value proposition

Context (ex-Reminiz) provides services, based on an in-house machine learning technology, to improve tagging system of all video-based content. Context helps all content companies to improve the value of their videos thanks to automated tagging systems. The company has initially set up its service with Orange. Thanks to technology development, the company has been able to find new go-to-market strategies and market needs around issues like brand safety. They managed to contract with other big players Verizon in the USA. The team is based in Paris and with part of outsourced people in Poland. 

Why we invested ?

Image recognition has become a crucial part of many fields, such as autonomous driving, airport security, public security etc. Context has built a technology, initially helping viewers to identify any public figure in video content (TV, web,...). By doing so, Context is able to bring value to video based industries (OTT, channels, advertising) lacking reliable information to exploit the full potential of video data. This technology has been strengthened through machine learning over the years, bringing content provider tools to improve the user and viewer experience and add additional services.

The story behind Context

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Pierre-Yves Meerschman

daphni team in charge