Dema is an AI-powered profit management layer for e-commerce, delivering real-time actionable insights to help teams manage profitable growth.




AI Powered Profit Platform For E-commerce

Stage at investment

Seed & Pre-Series A



What is Dema.ai?

First-of-its-kind AI decision platform for e-commerce. Delivering actionable insights for e-comm businesses to achieve profitable growth. This changes how you evaluate your marketing campaigns, inventory, customers, orders, and website. All in real-time.

Business and value proposition

Dema’s first-of-its-kind AI decision platform for e-commerce delivers actionable insights for e-commerce businesses to achieve profitable growth. Dema’s data layer brings together marketing, inventory, customers, orders, and website data in real-time to empower revenue teams to drive profitable growth. This transforms revenue management from growth-at-all-costs to healthy, sustainable, profitable growth.

Why we invested ?

Dema’s data layer for e-commerce brings together marketing, inventory, customer, order, and website data to empower revenue teams to drive profitable growth. The AI-Copilot delivers actionable insights to support better, more sustainable growth for retailers and consumers. 

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Team of Dema.ai

Team in charge Dema.ai

Olivia Mark

daphni team in charge

Henrik Hoffma

Henrik Hoffma


Marcus Tagesson

Marcus Tagesson

Co-founder & CEO

David Feldell

David Feldell

Co-founder & CPO