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What is Devialet?

Devialet is designing and developing unique music devices thanks to a wide range of software and harware innovations. The company is offering a wide range of products, including with consumer electronics partners, to bring a warm, sharp and powerful listening experience to its customers. The main succesful products are the Phantom speakers and the Gemini wireless earbuds.

Business and value proposition

The music industry is being heavily disrupted by the change in consumer behaviour, resulting from the emergence of streaming services. The whole value chain has been reshuffled over the last 10 years and consumers are eager to have new listening experiences. Thanks to their cutting-edge technologies and elegant form factors, Devialet is offering a new generation of best-in-class products.

Why we invested ?

For too long most of the music devices market was limited to poor quality experience, namely due to the overwhelming MP3 format. Thanks to a shift to new listening offers at a better quality of sound, there was an opportunity to launch a new generation of connected devices able to maximise the listening experience.

Geographical footprint

Belgium China Finland France Germany Indonesia Italy Japan Portugal Singapore United States

Team of Devialet

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Marc Simoncini

daphni team in charge

Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel

Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel