Immersive virtual stores for the fashion and retail sectors.




Retail | Metaverse

Stage at investment

Seed & Pre-Series A



What is Emperia?

Emperia develops immersive virtual stores for the fashion and retail sectors, boosting sales, customer engagement and brand perception.

Business and value proposition

Emperia offers brands a simple and straightforward process to create, launch and manage a virtual store in Web 2. Retailers have full access and control of the content they add to their virtual stores. It is a self service approach with a drag & drop UI to import 3D models, images or videos. They have access to a real-time data dashboard which allows them to follow the customer funnel (conversion rate, ROI, growth of the brand in the digital world)

Geographical footprint

France Israel United Kingdom United States

Team of Emperia

Team in charge Emperia

Stanislas Lot

daphni team in charge

Olga Dogadkina

Olga Dogadkina

Founder & CEO