Gabsee offers the app July, which allows teenagers to enter a virtual world and build real friendships




Social Network

Stage at investment

Seed & Pre-Series A



What is Gabsee?

Gabsee is a virtual world to meet people and build friendships while sharing social experiences.

Business and value proposition

Gabsee is a start-up specializing in mobile video games.


Gabsee aims to create strong virtual friendships between players by offering community-based mobile video games. They build creative worlds where players can make friends while playing adventures in the mode of a TV show (episodes and seasons), with the ambition of becoming the Netflix of the next generation.

Why we invested ?

Gabsee brings a new dimension to social networks, mixing chatting and a “hanging-around” feeling with 3D avatars and gaming dynamics, in what we can call a “social gaming app”. This value is aligned with the behavior and wishes of today’s teenagers. Gabsee raises the bar and makes a difference in the market, as players communicate through their real voice, creating a unique mix of real life conversations and 3D environments. The added value of having a 3D avatar, and being able to meet with friends in the same VR environment represent a game changer, right at the corner of two giant markets; social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and gaming apps. Even though being a crowded market, we believe that Gabsee’s innovative approach makes the company a relevant player with enormous growth potential.

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Team of Gabsee

Team in charge Gabsee

daphni team in charge

Lucas Bouyoux

Lucas Bouyoux

CEO & Co-Founder

Arthur Pernot

Arthur Pernot

COO & Co-founder

Bruno Grégoire

Bruno Grégoire

Co-fondateur et CTO