Goshaba offers an HR tool to qualify candidates’ soft skills through gamified and cognitive tests




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What is Goshaba?

Traditional recruiting tools are inefficient – 1000s of wasted hours, long processes, poor candidate experience & high hiring error rates (+20% in France for instance). We automate candidate qualification by collecting new, reliable and comparable data. Candidates automatically get a matching score with a job. Our technology combines data, cognitive science and video games

Business and value proposition

Goshaba brings more efficiency in the recruiting process for corporates by bringing technology at scale through a set of cognitive games that helps recruiters selecting the best profiles for interviews without using their resumes. Their games evaluate the soft skills of the candidate and culture fit that are really hard to assess without receiving the candidates. This tool helps saving recruiters and managers time, but also improving employer branding and diversity in the company.

Why we invested ?

Screening candidates based on résumés can have a strong negative effect on hiring processes, not only because it can be highly unreliable, but also because it naturally excludes soft skills. Goshaba helps recruiters to correct their self bias by presenting an objective mapping of the different skills of the candidate. The Goshaba team is tackling this issue by adding gamification to the recruitment process. The team offers games, which are adapted through cognitive science to measure candidate fit for a specific job, leading to a better experience and increased efficiency for both candidates and recruiters, and thus liquidity and fairness to the market.

The story behind Goshaba

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Team in charge Goshaba

Pierre-Yves Meerschman

daphni team in charge

Camille Morvan

Camille Morvan

Chairperson & Cofounder

Djamil Kemal

Djamil Kemal

Co-founder & CEO

Minh Phan

Minh Phan

CTO and Co-founder

Margaux Mattonai

Margaux Mattonai