Hemea connects homeowners wishing to renovate their homes with top architects and contractors and supports them throughout the process





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What is Hemea?

Hemea is SaaS-enabled marketplace between homeowner wishing to renovate their home (big renovation project) and carefully filtered architects and rated local contractors. Our vision is to build a full-stack startup : complete, end-to-end products & services that bypasses incumbents and other competitors with a loving brand. Please see our pitch deck ;)

Business and value proposition

Hemea brings trust, transparency, and efficiency to the home refurbishing market. The company connects clients with curated entrepreneurs and provides support to the client during the whole process from negotiating the initial contract, providing the right organizational tools, providing insurance, finding the best materials, paying once different milestones are reached, and dealing with the issues.

Hemea is also providing suppliers with additional services such as software, insurances and great deals to buy the best material with the purchasing power of an important company.

Why we invested ?

Home renovation is a dream for many, but often, the process turns out to be a nightmare. Today, the market lacks transparency and trust, which leaves 50% of homeowners dissatisfied with the result and the cost. Although renovations often represent a significant financial cost, homeowners are left in the dark in terms of budgeting, timing and quality. Only in France, the renovation market is worth €40B, but it is hugely fragmented with many small players being unable to negotiate discounts with their providers. Hemea tackles this market through its SaaS enabled platform, which connects homeowners wishing to renovate their homes, with carefully selected architects and qualified local contractors. The company has a winning strategy due to its customer oriented focus, where respect for the budget and the timing, as well as transparency in prices are at the core of the business. On top of this, the company generates immense value for contractors, as the service delivers high demand and seamless administrative tools, streamlining their work.

The story behind Hemea

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Team of Hemea

Team in charge Hemea

Pierre-Yves Meerschman

daphni team in charge

Matthieu Burin

Matthieu Burin

Co-founder & CEO

Yann Depoys

Yann Depoys

Directeur Général & COO

Leocadie Brothier

Leocadie Brothier

Head of Brand & Communication