Fresh supply chain management SaaS platform for retailers.




Food / Impact

Stage at investment

Seed & Pre-Series A



What is Ida?

Today, food waste accounts for the equivalent of aviation emissions over 6 years. Our mission at Ida is to eradicate food waste from distribution. Today, more than 150 million tons of traditional fresh produce (fruit & vegetables, butchery, fish etc.) are wasted every year. Our vision? To avoid 1,500 tons of fresh produce waste by 2025 by developing the first French proposal and order management software dedicated to fresh produce

Business and value proposition

 Fresh supply chain management SaaS platform for retailers 

Why we invested ?

Ida aims to combat food waste at scale. Thanks to their innovative data-based solution, they help brands and retailers to streamline order-taking of fresh products, reduce food waste and increase revenue by minimizing out-of-stock scenarios. They are addressing a huge and growing market, boosted by the increasing awareness of food waste and its environmental impact, while helping their client maximizing their margins and increasing their revenue. We met the team at the very beginning of the story, and have been convinced by their very pragmatic approach, spending lot of time on the ground to have the best understanding of the space.

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Team of Ida

Team in charge Ida

Paul Bazin

daphni team in charge

Mateo Beacco

Mateo Beacco

Co-founder & CEO

Mathieu Grosso

Mathieu Grosso

Co-founder & CTO

Alex Chataigner

Alex Chataigner

Co-founder & CPO