Modjo increases sales teams performance with its conversational analysis platform





Stage at investment

Series A



What is Modjo?

Transform sales organisations by unveiling their customer reality AI-powered CRM A new way to manage customer information Rather than rely on data that is manually typed into their CRM Modjo captures from the source : emails, phone calls and video calls Using Natural Language Understanding to analyze and detect insights for the customer facing people and leadership teams

Business and value proposition

Modjo is a conversational intelligence platform that captures and analyzes customer interaction and then delivers insights at scale. Their clients are B2B companies that are targeting small and medium businesses.

Why we invested ?

Modjo is a conversation Intelligence platform that captures and analyzes customer interaction then delivers insights at scale. We share founders’ vision that a tool allowing the sales and customers teams to be close to customers' needs and to focus on them is becoming a must-have. The impressive execution of the company since launch demonstrates the strength of the team and the market need.

The story behind Modjo

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Team of Modjo

Team in charge Modjo

Paul Bazin

daphni team in charge

Paul Berloty

Paul Berloty

Cofounder & CEO

Matthieu de la Fourniere

Matthieu de la Fourniere

Co-Founder & CTO