Pazzi offers fully-automated robots cooking tasty pizzas in less than four minutes





Stage at investment

Seed & Pre-Series A



What is Pazzi?

Crazy about innovation, we revolutionize the fast food industry by creating the Fast Food 3.0 with the first show cooking pizza robot totally at the heart of the consumer experience. Good, fast and creative, for all, everywhere and at any time, it is the Food Robolution.

Business and value proposition

Ekim restaurants are fully automated and will be a lot more productive than a classical restaurant (max 120 pizzas/hr). Pizzas produced are delicious, and ingredients, mainly organic, are sourced from all over Europe (primarily Italy). The long-term vision is to sell as a franchiser where Ekim will handle the ingredients supply and sell a plug-and-play robotic restaurant.

Why we invested ?

Gabsee brings a new dimension to social networks, mixing chatting and a “hanging-around” feeling with 3D avatars and gaming dynamics, in what we can call a “social gaming app”. This value is aligned with the behavior and wishes of today’s teenagers. Gabsee raises the bar and makes a difference in the market, as players communicate through their real voice, creating a unique mix of real life conversations and 3D environments. The added value of having a 3D avatar, and being able to meet with friends in the same VR environment represent a game changer, right at the corner of two giant markets; social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and gaming apps. Even though being a crowded market, we believe that Gabsee’s innovative approach makes the company a relevant player with enormous growth potential.

The story behind Pazzi

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Team of Pazzi

Team in charge Pazzi

Pierre-Eric Leibovici

daphni team in charge

Philippe Goldman

Philippe Goldman


Sébastien Roverso

Sébastien Roverso




I love daphni’s community approach because of the relevant connections to experts and business partners made to Pazzi. Their actions and engagement enable us to accelerate our development and to break through issues very rapidly.

Philippe Goldman - [email protected]