SFDR Handbook

We created this handbook to help others, especially our VC peers, navigate the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Sharing knowledge is key to tackle climate and social issues!

SFDR is neither easy to implement nor to understand, but we must give it credit for raising important sustainability issues that were previously overlooked by some actors. We hope that this handbook will serve as a valuable resource for VC funds that are working to comply with SFDR.

The guide is divided into two sections:
1. Overview of SFDR, where we dive into the texts published by the regulation and the main concepts
2. In practice: a step-by-step guide to assist VC funds in completing SFDR templates for their funds

So if you want to commercialise an article 8 or 9 fund or if you wanna know if you’re ready for the coming reporting period, just dive in!

[Please note that this guide is based on daphni‘s interpretation of the SFDR regulations. Some points may not represent a market consensus, as many practices are not consistent between the various players. Additionally, there are still numerous parts and articles of the regulation that we consider as open to interpretation.]