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Shine offers the perfect freelance co-pilot with the mission of making it easy to be an independent worker





Stage at investment

Seed & Pre-Series A



What is Shine?

Shine is a tool that automates most administrative tasks for independent workers: accounting, taxes, invoicing etc. Today, freelancers have to deal with processes initially designed for companies: they neither have the time nor the knowledge to deal with them. We are working to solve that.

Business and value proposition

Shine is a neobank that supports and protects entrepreneurs.

The team’s mission is to make it as easy to work as an independent worker as an employee. To do so, they are developing a complete mobile toolbox for free-lancers & independent workers, based on a dedicated bank account, to take care of their administrative tasks, anticipate taxes and cashflows, manage and secure their contracts, invoices and payments, as well as their accounting needs.

Why we invested ?

Freelancers represent different realities, but share a common need of managing administrative tasks and financial forecasts, which is always time consuming and very costly for less skilled workers. Shine targets this market, by offering a very clear value proposition for a specific target, generating high word-of-mouth and low cost of acquisition. The company is complementary to the big job marketplaces, even if some features, such as contracts, are shared. Shine is on the path of building a community of freelance users, opening opportunities for custom built services like insurance. We believe that Shine is taking on a very good strategy to take advantage of the opportunities brought by the rising global freelance market.

The story behind Shine

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Team of Shine

Team in charge Shine

daphni team in charge

Raphael Simon

Raphael Simon

Co-founder - CTO



One of the daphnipolitans, Arkea, helped us figure out some fintech related strategy questions. This was very useful to get up to speed.

Nicolas Reboud - CEO@Shine