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Business and value proposition

Swile reinvents the corporate experience thanks to its range of services dedicated to employees (money pots, event organization, messaging) and employers/employees' relationships (vouchers, benefits).

Why we invested ?

Meal vouchers are distributed in 35 countries, accounting for a €55B market worldwide. Today in France, 50% of lunches are paid through Luncheon vouchers. Aside, the lunch card market is beginning to structure itself in Anglo-Saxon countries, offering meals to employees. This, when companies want to give the same type of benefits as the big tech companies, but cannot afford an internal canteen. Paper vouchers make up for 85% of the lunch voucher market in France, and these have a daily repeat, a high lifetime value and low churn levels. 4 million people are expected to switch to a digital version in the coming 3 years. In this market, Edenred, Sodexo, Chèque Déjeuner and Natixis are the main incumbents, and even though they are all big, they are slow and far from offering an up-to-date, digitised value proposition suited for small companies. Swile (ex lunchr) challenges this market through its engaging app and card, giving employees the lunch experience they deserve!

The story behind Swile

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daphni team in charge

Loïc Soubeyrand

Loïc Soubeyrand

Founder & CEO

Anne-Carole Cöen

Anne-Carole Cöen




Working closely with daphni and being able to benefit from their extensive experience, we were enabled to successfully raise our Series B round prominent European investors just a few months after our Series A.

Loïc Soubeyrand - CEO@Swile