Aurélie Van Peteghem

Head of community & communication at daphni

Aurelie is the Head of Community & Communication at daphni and her magic power is caring & connecting people! She is also making sure that you will never miss any news of what is happening at daphni because communication is key! She developed strong skills in public relations and communication while working in a prestigious private bank in Paris for 5 years. Her love for travels  pushed her to move to Hong Kong later on to discover a new culture and way of working. She spent 3 years there working for a luxury leathergood brand before returning to the homeland and settling down in Paris, where she helped CEOs, startups and investors make the right connections, enabling their business to thrive.

Good vibes only!

Aurélie's fun facts

Super power

Making intros, create links, eyes on all portfolio news

Smile when

It’s vacation time!

She can teach

How to last 10min in a handstand pose!

Why did she join the VC world?

To be closer to entrepreneurs and new technologies

Soft skills

Caring, listening, connecting


Take a little accent from the south of France when you say hi


Networking, communication, content and event

How she acts for good

Less meat more vegetables

Mission at daphni

Spread the portfolio news / Support entrepreneurs and daphni with a strong community

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detox days straight
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yoga poses accomplished

Aurélie's news

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VCs shouldn’t only be ‘Founder friendly’ but also ‘Employee friendly’!

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