Gilles Ly

Assistant CFO at daphni

Gilles is currently the CFO assistant at daphni. Before joining the team, he used to sell fancy socks and chocolate. He is now preparing his master degree in finance and writing an essay about NFTs and its pattern at NEOMA Business School.

Beware of the blue shell!

Gilles's fun facts

Super power

Drinking a lot of coffee everyday and have no problem to sleep

Smile when

There are pastries (especially flan)

He can teach

How to automatize Excel sheets without killing polar bears with long-scripted codes

Why did he join the VC world ?​

To discover new ideas from entrepreneurs and admire their creativity

Soft skills

Pragmatic, analytic, spontaneous & team-oriented


Excel, Canada, Boxing/MMA, video games, cooking & sleeping

How he acts for good

No waste, all in his belly 😉

Mission at daphni

 Financial control, reporting and data analysis


Telling how good Excel is or just mentioning geek stuffs

February 27th is his birthday
+ 0
minutes spent on Spotify
daily trips to the coffee machine
stays in Canada