Matthieu Bouhelier

Investor at daphni

Matthieu is investor at daphni. Born in London and living in Paris for the last 15 years, he studied at ESSEC focusing on finance and entrepreneurship. Before joining Daphni, he worked for 2 years in an early stage fintech focused on SaaS and E-commerce financing.

"When in doubt, look intelligent." - Garrison Keillor

Matthieu's fun facts

Super power

Non linear thinking

Smile when

He sees cute dogs

He can teach

How to make a perfect omelette

Why did he join the VC world?​

To help and back the brightest minds shaping the future.

Soft skills

Curious, creative, compassionate


Talk to him about something you’re passionate about


AI, new technologies, golf, rugby and wellness

How he acts for good

Never ordering food delivery

Mission at daphni

Support the investment team by assessing new opportunities, meeting entrepreneurs and performing due diligence

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chouquettes bought
late nights in 2022
dogs trained (poorly)