Sauvanne Saint-Léger

Fundraising and Investors Relations at daphni 

Sauvanne is in charge of the Fundraising and the Investors Relations at daphni. She makes sure that every LP receives a fast personal service and is always aware of our news, from our portfolio to our events. She had her first interest in handling investors and juggling in different industry sectors while doing her apprenticeship at UBS in private banking and in market finance while graduating from ESSEC Business School. Then she developed these skills in managing a community of investors in the venture capital for 2 years in OneRagtime.

"Play the rules, but be ferocious." - Phil Knight

Sauvanne's fun facts

Super power

Pretty much always up for anything

Smile when

It’s spritz o’clock!

She can teach

How to enjoy a breton weather

Why did she join the VC world?

To work in the most dynamic and exciting sector

Soft skills

Listening, connecting, motivating


Talk about karaoke


Finance, marketing

How she acts for good

Try to reduce meat consumption

Mission at daphni

To support the amazing growth by ensuring that every LP receive a fast, personal service based on transparency and responsiveness

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