Shabir Vasram

Partner at daphni

Shabir is a partner at daphni. He has experience in private equity, marketing and business development. He joined the VC industry at Jaïna Capital  in 2017 before joining daphni. He studied business at EDHEC Business School and focused on Entrepreneurship at the MDI university of Gurgaon.

“Fortune favors the prepared minds.” - Louis Pasteur

Shabir's fun facts

Super power

Remembering names

Smile when

You smile

He can teach

Did you know that the area of Madagascar is larger than that of Metropolitan France?

Why did he join the VC world ?​

Difficult not to fall in love with entrepreneurs

Soft skills

Caring, reliable, pragmatic


Just try to find a video of Federer’s best points he has never seen


E-commerce, Infrastructure e-commerce, network effects, marketplace

How he acts for good

Tried to fight food waste through TheFoodlife.orgs

Mission at daphni

Sourcing startups to invest, supporting portfolio companies, board follow up, updating LPs, entrepreneurs caring, VC networking

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decks reviewed/year
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coffee shared with entrepreneurs
tennis strings broken in 2021 🎾
years spent abroad

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Shabir's news

F*** la Fast Fashion, Vive la Sustainable Fashion !

Dans le cadre de l’opération « Tribune d’été », organisée par la rédaction de Maddyness, Shabir Vasram a ouvert une fenêtre sur le futur de la société en proposant cette tribune.

13 startups tackling the global waste problem, according to VCs

Experts at Cop26 last month said waste remained one of the most overlooked topics of discussion at the climate conference — despite the fact that food waste alone [...]