Sophie Percheron

Chief Product and Marketing Officer

Sophie is in charge of Product & Marketing. She is experienced in launching innovative products and services on markets, creating and developing brand awareness, coordinating project teams to ensure quality deliveries in short timelines. She experienced working in both startups and group companies, where she managed teams and learned how to manage projects with agile processes. She studied Marketing and Statistics Analysis at Paris IX Dauphine University. Her goal: innovate, reach customers’ needs and satisfaction, develop the company brand to its best awareness.

"Humility, that low, sweet root, from which all heavenly virtues shoot." - Thomas Moore

Sophie's fun facts

Super power

Drive teams and projects to ensure we meet our goals

Smile when

When she sees others breaking their glass ceiling

She can teach

How to talk to techies

Why did she join the VC world?​

To disrupt the VC world. She loves Innovation and challenges

Soft skills

Empathy, creativity, issue solver, collectiveness oriented


Say a “les bronzés” quote


Digitalisation, agility processes, launch products to meet customers needs

How she acts for good

By putting collective interest before personal one

Mission at daphni

Launch innovative products and services to answer all our daphni customers needs: LPs, daphni internal team, our portfolio teams, our community experts. Ensure high customer satisfaction. Keep daphni as the reference for Building da City For Good, for being the Digital VC

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Sophie's news

Shake the VC world with platformization & Jump to digitalization

After reviewing our daily work as well as the thousands of disrupting startups we are in contact with yearly, we asked ourselves — why don’t we jump on [...]