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Discover what our lovely founders think about us.

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“Daphni introduced us to big brands on the market such as Dyson and Bosch, through which we could expand our offering and increase our sales. By doing so, we also opened up for more European markets leading to accelerated growth”
Thibaud Hug de Larauze
Founder of Back Market
“Daphni makes a difference to you as a Founder: their support can provide valuable resources, expertise, and networking opportunities to help your company grow and succeed.”
Paul Berloty
Founder of Modjo
"I was lucky enough to be oversubscribed and chose Daphni as a no-brainer due to their reputation and great relationship with founders. Since then, they've been incredibly responsive from strategic thoughts to operational help. That's on top of the intros + perks you get, trainings etc. I feel at ease talking to them about problems and thinking out loud, which is ultimately what you'd want with a VC relationship. If I had to choose again, I would not want to choose any differently.”
Alexei Chemenda
Founder of Viraaal
"I chose daphni because I believe it is a pioneer and leader in supporting ambitious projects whose mission is to offer solutions or services that enable us to take action on the environmental challenges we face. Their ecosystem acts as an accelerator, helping us along the road to success, and helping us to participate in a more sustainable future."
Claire Bretton
Founder of Underdog
“Daphni is by far the most involved fund at Goshaba. True availability and implication, transparency and rationality. A founder-friendly fund with a true partnership approach. Available, rational and great to spar with.”
Djamil Kemal
Founder of Goshaba
"Pierre-Eric is one of the most humble, caring and smart investors I know in the French ecosystem. Passionate, positive and excellent at connecting people, he really makes a difference."
Grégoire Boutin
Founder of Boostrs
“daphni team and its community have had a structuring impact on key milestones of our development. Their friendly and constructive collaboration are very valuable”
Jean-Daniel Guyot
Founder of MemoBank
“With Daphni, it is not about money, it is about partnership. The Daphni team is very collective and you can leverage the 25 people in the organisation with diverse backgrounds and experience, including entrepreneurial, to help you scale.”
Eliott Jabès
Founder of Stockly
"With Daphni, it's never simply about capital; it's about a relationship founded on trust, mentorship, and shared goals. They have been a compass guiding us through the tumultuous seas of tech entrepreneurship."
Charles Thomas
Founder of Comet & Nocturne Games
“Daphni makes a difference to founders by providing not just financial support but also guidance, mentorship, and access to a network of experts. Daphni's team is professional, experienced, and genuinely cares about the success of the founders they work with. They understand the challenges faced by startups and offer support in navigating those challenges.”
Founder of Geev
“Daphni creates a trusted relationship, enabling us to be open about the inevitable challenges startups face and discuss solutions in a constructive manner.”
Guillaume Decugis
Founder of Musiwave
"I'm really thankful that Daphni invested in Subscribfy. They've done more than just give us capital; they've been with us every step of the way, from making introductions to helping us polish our sales pitch."
Samy Waiche
Founder of Subscribfy
“Co-investors commitment, independent board member appointment, customer introduction, friendly support are part of the valuable achievements of Daphni team”
Eliane Lugassy
Founder of Witco
“Daphni will simply be your most bullish partner.”
Sixte de Vauplane
Founder of Animaj
“Daphni's team understands very well their work is more than financial support. They are thoughtful and support their founders every step of the way.”
Youri Moskovic
Founder of Prediko
"Pierre-Eric's help and experience have been instrumental to the success of Foxintelligence. His phone number is the one you're really happy to have in your telephone when you don't really know what to do next (equally for good times and bad times). Pierre-Eric is not simply founder friendly. He is committed to the belief that nothing can happen without the founders being confident in their own abilities and in the support of their board members."
Edouard Natté
Founder of FoxIntelligence
"Daphni is a bold VC fund that knows how to take risks on disruptive deep tech themes that capitalise on French technological excellence and can contribute to the ecological transition through their added value."
George-Olivier Reymond
Founder of Pasqal